Professionalism and Its Impact on the Classroom

I interviewed Brooke Fountain, a freshman at Reinhardt University that has been directly influenced by the new “professionalism” policy some professors have instituted. Brooke made several point that were going to be included in my article.

She agreed that the professionalism policy will make a positive impact on classroom settings. “I like how teachers are pushing us to be more professional in the classroom” she said. When asked how she felt about the insistence and how she thought it would affect students, Brooke replied “Personally, I pay more attention when higher expectations are set for me. I think it will better prepare us for the real, professional world and workplace”.

Inserting this policy will help ensure students will care more about their attitudes because it will directly affect their grades. Professionalism in classrooms will also help the students to better transition into a formal work environment presuming that the professors maintain a professional atmosphere. If students know that more is expected of them, they will know they have to work harder to achieve the grades they want.


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